What is the best broker for lowest slippage for News Trading


News trading in forex requires rapid execution and minimal slippage to capitalize on market volatility effectively. In this article, we delve into the characteristics of brokers known for their low slippage rates during news releases. We'll examine key data, case studies, and user feedback to provide insights valuable to both novice and experienced traders.

Broker Analysis

1. Pepperstone
  • Overview: Pepperstone is recognized for its competitive pricing and fast execution speeds, crucial for news trading scenarios.

  • Slippage Control: Implements advanced technology to reduce slippage, offering an ECN model that facilitates direct market access.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulated by ASIC and FCA, ensuring adherence to stringent operational standards.

  • User Feedback: Positive reviews for minimal slippage during high-impact news events. Traders appreciate the transparent pricing and reliable execution.

2. IC Markets
  • Overview: IC Markets is renowned for its low latency execution and deep liquidity pool, ideal for news trading strategies.

  • Slippage Management: Utilizes server co-location and fast execution infrastructure to minimize slippage occurrences.

  • Regulatory Standing: Regulated by ASIC and CySEC, providing a secure trading environment.

  • Client Experience: Users report minimal slippage during news releases, highlighting the broker's robust infrastructure and responsive trading conditions.

3. FXTM (ForexTime)
  • Overview: FXTM offers competitive spreads and advanced execution technologies tailored for volatile market conditions.

  • Slippage Mitigation: Implements price improvement technology and ECN connectivity to reduce slippage risks.

  • Regulatory Oversight: Regulated by CySEC and FCA, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

  • Trader Feedback: Positive feedback regarding slippage control during major news events. Traders appreciate the broker's focus on minimizing trading costs and optimizing execution speed.

Industry Trends and Data Insights

Industry Trends

The forex industry is increasingly focusing on technological advancements to mitigate slippage during news trading. Brokers are investing in infrastructure improvements and algorithmic trading solutions to enhance execution reliability.

Data Insights

Recent data indicates that traders prioritize brokers with low slippage rates, particularly during economic releases and central bank announcements. Regulatory compliance and technological infrastructure play pivotal roles in maintaining consistent trading conditions.


Choosing the best forex broker for lowest slippage during news trading involves evaluating execution speeds, technological infrastructure, and user feedback. By selecting a broker that excels in these areas, traders can optimize their strategies and capitalize on market opportunities more effectively.

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